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Ginkgo crosses

Ginkgo Crosses are signed and numbered. Each cross comes with a hang tag & resume for gift purposes. They are shipped First Class via the USPS in a custom box. Total price including shipping anywhere in the Continental US....$65.00

These crosses can be ordered by contacting Richard Jacobus via telephone at (770) 920-9046. These and many more pieces of artwork can also be found and picked up at many of the various shows and festivals each year. Visit the Show Schedule section for an up-to-date listing of upcoming events.

NewS: work Selected as commemorative festival poster for 2009 atlanta arts festival 

The Atlanta Arts Festival has selected Richard’s painting “The Sun and The Moon” as the official commemorative artwork for their 2009 Sept. festival. The festival is selling posters and other merchandise with the artwork on it through their online shop as well as on location during the show. There are a limited number of signed posters also available from their shop. Find out more by visiting:


Lark Books has recently included a piece by Richard Jacobus in their newest 500 Series book titled “500 Chairs”. Juried by award-winning furniture-maker Craig Nutt, 500 Chairs presents a fantastic range of styles and techniques. These inventive chairs, the epitome of contemporary craft artistry, form a compelling collection in this beautiful 500 Series release.

You can find out more about this release by clicking the image above, following the link below or by visiting a Barnes & Noble Book Store near you.


The Ginkgo tree is the oldest living species of tree on earth. The Ginkgo leaf intertwined with the cross is symbolic of the cross' enduring and timeless message of hope and redemption.

Richard Jacobus

1440 N. Flat Rock Rd.

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